uncprogetti is a Florence – based architecture studio with a strong international character, born from the collaboration of 4 architect, Angelo Milano, Lucia di Blasi Chiara Gorni and Iacopo Frassanito.

The studio addresses a large variety of project ranging from urban landscape to industrial design, using the same amount of commitment in all aspect, architectural scale and technological detailing alike.

Architecture is conceived as a way to experience innovative formal solutions that mixes together modern materials with the old rules of building through a constant process of interdisciplinary exchange which leads to a definition of a new contemporary landscap.

Form, lights, materials, sensation and passions are the guidelines that inspire and stimulate the studio’s research.

Architecture belongs to culture, not to civilization.

In addiction to finished and in-progress architectural project, uncprogetti has also received many awards in achitectural competitions such as the first prize for the redevelopment of Stradivari square in Cremona ( Italy ) and secon prize for the development of Villa Gennaioli – Anghiari ( Italy ).